"Antonia Joy Wilson conducts music by Respighi, Robert Kyr, and Khachaturian.
Celebrating its 45th anniversary, this energetic Golden-based ensemble presents a
professionally recorded memento of a program earlier this season...

Wilson should be admired for her ambitious programming and
solid conducting."


As for the interpretation of Rimsky-Korsakov's Sheherazade
offered by Antonia Joy Wilson, it was in fine style, it was a

substantial and expressive version with Buenos Aires Philharmonic.  Her success obliges us to consider her for new visits at Teatro Colón.
La Nación: Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
“Those who saw Ms. Wilson audition with Saint Louis Symphony were impressed with what Jesse Rosen described as her fast mind, her very persuasive way of conducting.  He thinks that her style of conducting and her philosophical approach to music is much like Leonard Slatkin.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: MO

“The Bombay Chamber Orchestra’s performance was superbly
alert and exciting, thanks mainly to the highly gifted conductor,
Antonia Joy Wilson: whatever she touched simply sprang to life!
Indian Express: INDIA

“Conducting The Colorado Symphony without a score, her beat
was precise and knowledgeable, and it was obvious she prepared her material with loving care.  I believe Ms. Wilson is headed for a notable career.  She has persistence, personality, drive, and a blooming talent.” 
The Denver Magazine: CO

The Shen Yun Orchestra conductor Antonia Joy Wilson
is extremely wonderful and exceptionally brilliant!
Everything is really a masterpiece of philosophy, of wonder!”
Epoch Times: Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

“Maestra Antonia Joy Wilson came up with her version of Holst’s The Planets and it was a doozy in an evening that engaged all of the senses --visual, instrumental, four vocal soloists and a massive 250-voice choir, the spoken word: Shakespeare--as it darted across the ages as well as the universe.  Wilson kept a firm control...getting just as much color from her orchestra, Midland Symphony, through the work’s
seven movements as the Hubble images provided in playing against
the entire back wall of the stage at Midland Center for the Arts.” 

The Saginaw News: MI

“Some 332 singers huddled around the 100 musicians for a performance of Carl Orff’s ‘Carmina Burana.’  The ever-popular work is fraught with peril, but Jefferson Symphony Orchestra Music Director Antonia Joy Wilson was equal to the task.  In a performance that rivaled many professional versions I’ve heard, Wilson chose uncompromisingly brisk tempos, kept syncopated rhythms dancingly crisp and delivered
an especially thrilling climax in the final chorus, ‘O Fortuna.”   

The Denver Post: CO  

“Revelry and emotion took control as dynamo Antonia Joy Wilson
took the helm of the Imperial Symphony Orchestra for Mahler’s
‘First Symphony.’  Throughout, Wilson’s baton moved strongly and clearly. She showed a deft communication with the players,
and this concert was overall a rousing success.” 

The Ledger: FL

“During four years in which she challenged musicians and audiences
to explore the art of Sibelius, Berlioz, Mozart, Mahler and others, Antonia Joy Wilson took the Livingston Symphony Orchestra
  into new worlds, frequently playing to full houses. 
She has left her mark on the musical expectations
                      of her community as few do.” 

West Essex Tribune: NJ

The real triumph of the evening went to Antonia Joy Wilson,
who drew from the players a balance and unity never before heard
from our Johnson Symphony Orchestra.

Johnson City Press-Chronicle: TN

 “The best came last – a splendid performance of Respighi’s
‘The Pines of Rome.’  Wilson showed firm control with
Jefferson Symphony Orchestra
in building the Roman march
of the finale into a heart-thumping, fortissimo
The Denver Post: CO 

"The music was the thing. 
What kind of music came out of The Colorado Symphony under her? She made clear the reasons for the music
s great popularity.
 A child's garden of war-horses came to vibrant life. 
The grace of her delicate hands found direct expression. 
Her eyes sparkled and spoke realms of musical life. 
There was a robust and carefully precise performance of Mozart's Haffner Symphony.’  Tchaikovsky
s Swan Lake’ concluded
the program with glowing, sweeping romanticism,
leading to vigorous, sustained applause for Antonia.
Denver City Edition: CO

   You can feel the Shen Yun Orchestra's conductor Antonia Joy Wilson is exceptionally outstanding!  The cooperation is so good. 
Everything in the music was thought about and taken care of.

Berklee School of Music: BOSTON

 Everything clicked sensationally at the
Huntsville Symphony Orchestra's
Panoply for the Arts concert.
This huge success can be credited first to guest conductor
Antonia Joy Wilson, who with her very first downbeat, she set about eliciting music in a splendid fashion.  She proved to be an artist
at building up the tension in Rossini
s crescendos. 
It was a performance that generate considerable excitement. 
The Huntsville Times: AL

With its themes of resigned fate and distressed destiny,
s ‘Fifth Symphony evokes images of a galleon tossing on storm seas.  Wilson became its confident commander; reaching the calming port of its final movement with great success.
The Ledger: FL

The bravo of the evening goes to Wilson’s leadership
 and the Midland Symphony Orchestra moving to
the next level of excellence.

The Saginaw News: MI

Nothing stirs the the soul quite like the sounds of a symphony under
an able baton.  The Johnson City Symphony Orchestra and
Conductor Antonia Joy Wilson proved that once again.
Saturday's audience could sense the
joy in the concert. 
Antonia Joy Wilson was aptly named for she exudes seemingly
endless joy in her work.
Her joy was transmitted masterfully
through the symphony, and in turn to the audience.” 

Johnson City Press: TN

Conductor Wilson has clearly taken Jefferson Symphony Orchestra
up a step in their performing capabilities.” 

The Colorado Arts: CO

Moving freely, Antonia conducts with intense, clean gestures,     evoking both precision and joy from the
Livingston Symphony Orchestra in a matrix of rhythmic propulsion. 
Magic Flute Overture, which she conducted from memory,
she evoked some stunning silences.  She brought about well-blended woodwind playing with notably good intonation.” 

West Essex Tribune: NJ

In an electrifying finale, we heard the earth-shaking rhythm of
Ludwig van Beethoven's
Choral Fantasy.   The mission was tough:
to tackle works by Haydn, Bach, and Beethoven in the same sitting.    But the orchestra conductor Antonia Joy Wilson needn't have worried.  Superior music often triggers superior effort. 
The choir's German was precise and performed with gusto. 
As both groups reached crescendo, the result was the wonderfully satisfying sound of superb music done well.  Stern as Beethoven was reputed to be, not doubt a satisfied smile would have crossed the face of the old master had he had a seat in Seeger Chapel.  He would have seen a performance of his music of which he would have been most proud. 
Naturally, he would have had the last word:  Prima.” 

  Johnson City Press: TN